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WORLD BISHOP COUNCIL FEDERATION @ WBCF ASIA is a place where we establish the apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors and teacher's ministry office.WBCF ASIAis under the legal governing body of:


2.WBCF ASIA (Trade Licence No: PPG/2019/15441  

3.ASSEMBLIES OF CHRISTIAN (Registrar of Society no: PPM-009-12-18022016)


On April 5,2007,Bsp Joh Seer was commissioned by God to build an apostolic and prophetic network to carry the "End time Movement of the Holy Spirit".Today WBCF ASIA is being established to gather all Apostolic and Prophetic ministries around the world to share a common ministry platform as part of the restoration to the fivefold ministry Bishop Joh Seer has this vision to establish an Apostolic and Prophetic Network in the body of Christ. Thus, WBCF ASIA  was borne by the Holy Spirit in the heart of Bsp Joh Seer as an International platform. God commissioned him to oversee the restoration of the  fivefold ministries  back to the  body of Christ, as written in Ephesian 4:11 :"And He Himself gave some to be Apostles, some Prophets, some Evangelists, and some Pastors and Teachers"


WORLD BISHOP COUNCIL FEDERATION  seek to establish Man/woman God who are called into the 5-Fold Ministry (Ephesian 4:11) APA FEDERATION will seek to recognize and establish their divine call via Legal Ordination, Ministerial Licensing, and Holy Spirit Impartation by one of the most well established and authentic Apostolic & Prophetic establishments in the world.We also seek for Affiliates & partners in the ministry

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